Wind Chimes Love to Accessorize!

So you have a beautiful wind chime out there by the patio. It rings year-round, as faithful as the mailman. But whenever it snows or rains, you get a little concerned about what the weather will do to the strings and finish on the chime.

Most wind chimes (unless they are uniquely indoor chimes) are made for year-round, outdoor use. But weather will take a toll on any chime, no matter the brand. For the high-quality metal chimes, the wear will be minimal. But for chimes that have wooden components (top, striker and wind sail), the wear will be evident more quickly. And while that weathered look can be beautiful (think the rich patina of wood antiques), it might not be exactly what you want for your wind chime!

aspects dome 12 inch
aspects dome 18 inch

These weather domes, designed for bird feeders, are the perfect accessory for protecting your wind chime. A customer gave us the tip for the domes (Thanks, Hat!), since he orders one for every chime he buys. So we bought one, tested it for several months, and indeed, discovered that they are just right for wind chimes! And of course, we love that they're manufactured right here in the U.S., by Aspects, Inc.

Available in 12 and 18-inch diameters, these domes will provide that extra protection and care that your oh-so-lovely wind chimes will thank you for! Coming very soon - you'll find them under the Accessories tab at BuyChimes.

- Carolyn

BuyChimes, LLC