Riotous Spring!

Your favorite mom would love this chime!

In normal day-to-day life, I rarely use the word riotous: wild, out-of-control, extreme, over-the-top.

Except last week, when I drove through Virginia and saw Spring everywhere! The hills were riotous with flowering dogwood and redbud trees, and the fields were bright with new grass and golden ragwort.

I marveled at the sights, and proclaimed, “Riotous! That’s what this is!”

Seasons march through the year, bringing with them change in weather, colors in landscapes and outdoor activities. And then, too soon, riotous Spring gives way to hot and muggy Summer.

But before that, Spring brings one of my favorite days: Mother’s Day.

Whether you celebrate with a card, nice meal, thoughtful gift, or even a fancy trip, it’s a good day to reflect on our moms and grandmothers, our aunts, daughters and friends. How much they do for our families. For our friendships. For our communities.

To say thanks and honor these women, you couldn't do better than giving a chime designed just for them - see for yourself here! Available in a luxurious plum finish, this delightful petite chime rings words of love to your favorite mom every time the wind blows. And she'll be wowed by the gift wrap: a glossy red paper, deep purple ribbon, and silver seal. In fact, she’ll probably exclaim, “Riotous! That’s what this is!”

Order soon! This chime is only around till May 12, Mother’s Day.

Be well. Enjoy Spring.