As silent as an owl...

The ChimeOut: perfect for windy stormy days!

Each evening in warm weather, I head out for a stroll with Jeff. We usually catch the sunset and hear the birds nesting for the night as we make our way around the neighborhood.

But one night last week, we left a little later, when it was definitely dusk. Halfway around the block, we looked up to see a large owl (maybe a Barred?) silently gliding above our heads to a group of trees in the next block. And there it perched, a bulky silhouette in the fading sky.

Owls are cool, mysterious, and on that evening, so very silent.

Kinda like your favorite wind chime. Most of the time, you love how it creates beautiful music in the wind. But now and then, you really don’t want to hear it ring; even the best chimes need to be shushed once in a while.

Whenever there’s a big storm coming, I pop on a ChimeOut silencer. It works like magic to keep the chime protected and silent during windy, stormy weather. Or really, anytime I just want peace and quiet on the porch. 

Want to catch some of that silent magic too? Get yourself a ChimeOut silencer, available in three sizes (S, M and L). Not sure what size you need? Grab a tape measure and give us a call - we'll easily figure it out.

Keeping the peace here at BuyChimes!