The sound of silence

A few years ago, we had a wind storm, and during the night, an old oak tree split. Half of it crashed down on our house. We woke up to the scary sound of heavy branches hitting the roof.

No one was hurt, and fortunately, the roof suffered only minimal damage. Sure, we cleaned up lots of branches for many weeks, but we were thankful it wasn’t worse.

Ever since then, during windy weather (like last weekend here in Fairfax), I think back to that old oak tree and remember just how powerful wind can be.

Wind is such a good thing for chimes; it makes them sing!

But too much wind, and chimes become a noisy bother, especially at night when you’re trying to sleep.

Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to.

Enjoy deep sleep in any windy or stormy weather when you slide on a wind chime silencer (the ChimeOut). At least the chime won't wake you up.

It's easy to put on, and  it comes in three sizes that fit everything here at BuyChimes. And lots of other chime brands too.

Not sure which size would work for you? Just give me a call!