Expert Engraving Available on All Sizes!

The Arabesque chimes are the newest collection of U.S.-made wind chimes here at BuyChimes. With beautiful design and rich tones, these truly stunning chimes are reminiscent of the Bells of Vienna wind chimes - for good reason! Both collections are manufactured by QMT Wind Chimes, in Manassas Park, Virginia - right down the road from us here at BuyChimes. Like the Bells of Vienna chimes, Arabesque chimes use a central pin suspension system for hanging the tubes in the chime. This system is superior to the older methods of stringing chimes - both in terms of aesthetics (the look of the chime), as well as acoustics (the sound of the chime). It creates a deep tone that echoes and carries in the wind - a resonant tone that just sounds "right" to the listening ear. Arabesque chimes are available in four jewel colors: Onyx, Garnet, Emerald, and Sapphire.

The unique etched silver ring on the top and bottom of each chime tube creates an ethereal look to these chimes, almost as though the tubes themselves are dancing in the wind. How appropriate that they are named "Arabesque," after the ballet dance position!

Arabesque 29-inch Chime
Arabesque 36-inch Chime
Arabesque 44-inch Chime
Arabesque 50-inch Chime
Arabesque 59-inch Chime