Carolyn & Jeff. BuyChimes has been in business since the summer of 2002. At the time, there were few places online where you could buy high-quality U.S.-made wind chimes. The original owners (Mark & Ellen) saw this as an opportunity to promote high-quality U.S. wind chimes and started BuyChimes. The business grew because of the fine customer support they provided and, of course, the quality of the chimes.

In 2007 we (Carolyn & Jeff) bought the BuyChimes business and moved it up the road to Fairfax, Virginia. We strive to continue the fine example Mark & Ellen set by working to provide the best customer service around and to sell quality chimes at a fair price. We also stand by the claim, "We're big enough to help you and small enough to want to." is the website of BuyChimes, LLC. We do not manufacture wind chimes, nor do we sell chimes at wholesale prices. As we are a retail- and website-only business, we do not have a physical storefront. Thank you for visiting our site. If we can help you in any way, feel free to contact us.

—Carolyn & Jeff Strong

BuyChimes Guiding Principle

BuyChimes provides excellent wind chimes to individual and business customers at a fair and reasonable price. Our mission is to offer the finest U.S.-made chimes to the online marketplace. We will not knowingly sell, nor promote, products that do not meet our criterion of U.S.-made chimes. 100% of the chimes we sell are made in the U.S.

BuyChimes Values

Honor God

BuyChimes’ primary goal is to honor God through our business practices. We are firmly committed to honesty and the highest ethical standards. In short, we treat others the way we like to be treated.

Honor People

We will honor and respect everyone we encounter.

  • Customers. We will serve our customers with respect, friendliness, honesty and competence.
  • Partners and Vendors. We will create positive relationships and interactions with each person and organization we encounter.
  • Community. We strive to better our community by giving of our time and financial resources to worthy causes, in Virginia and across the U.S.

Provide Excellent Products & Customer Service

We will offer excellent wind chimes. After researching the wind chime market, we have selected the products that meet our guiding principle of offering 100% U.S.-made chimes to the online marketplace. We will continually work to update and improve the selection of chimes and the service that we provide to customers.

Make a Profit

We strive to make an annual profit to ensure our long-term survival and growth. We will forego a larger profit when necessary to meet our other values.