Carolyn & Jeff.

Who We Are

We’re Jeff and Carolyn Strong, and we're the heart behind BuyChimes. We're not big or fancy; we choose to be down-to-earth, grounded, and committed to small business values. These values anchor us in all parts of our lives.

Love Others

We are open, honest, and authentic.

We show love to everyone we encounter because love changes people for the better.

Share Community

We are interconnected.

We share our resouces, our kindness, our presence, and our humanity to create a better community for all.

Care for the Earth

We care for the world around us.

We integrate our love of nature into hand-selected, sustainable U.S.-made products.

Live Joyfully

We live outward-focused lives of joyful service.

We make thoughtful choices to create safety and stability for those we serve. We believe joy is found in service to others.

Join us!

We invite you into our community of chime-lovers, of backyard gatherers, of folks that share these values. All are welcome!