Carolyn & Jeff.

Who we are

We’re Jeff and Carolyn Strong. We bought BuyChimes in 2007 and have owned the business ever since. We love hiking, our two sons, all things Virginia, and good chocolate. We laugh a lot, mostly at each other and ourselves. We dream of growing our vision of BuyChimes for many years to come.

Who we aren't

BuyChimes is not a gift and garden shop, a wholesale distributor, or a manufacturer. We are an online retailer who finds beautiful chimes and then offers them to YOU to consider for purchase. We do not have a physical storefront where you can actually see and listen to the chimes.

Why BuyChimes?

BuyChimes is a place to bring people together. A place for folks to create custom, personalized gifts for themselves and others. And running BuyChimes is an act of love. Sure, we sell wind chimes, but for us, this business is about more than just selling chimes. We humbly aim to be a place for people to remember, honor, and celebrate wonderful people and occasions in their life through the gift of music. It’s in those life moments that the business of selling chimes becomes something more. I know, it sounds too touchy-feely for a business to actually say that, but it’s true! Here’s why we do things the way we do…

Where we came from…

When BuyChimes first launched in 2002, the business was a fresh approach to selling wind chimes. Back then, very few websites sold chimes, and no one offered sound files or videos of them. Photos were often grainy and disproportionate in size. BuyChimes changed all that. We radically offered customers the ability to hear and see the chimes, through high quality sound recordings and photographs. Folks loved it! And for the next ten years, we sold a lot of chimes to a lot of people.

…And where we’re going

Then we began to notice that customers wanted to connect their chimes more deeply to others. They wanted the experience to be more personal – from the shopping experience to the final delivery of the chime. So we’ve been fine-tuning our shop into just that. We improved our online experience and began offering gift options and packages, including laser engraving. And in so doing, we realized that creating a deeper, more personal connection between customers and the folks they were buying chimes for – and also us and our customers - is really what we’re about – our vision.

BuyChimes is a place where folks create unique gifts for others through custom and personalized engraved wind chimes. These personalized gifts capture the imagination and heartfelt ideas of the giver and then put that message into music. A quiet melody to remember a loved one. A bright tune to celebrate a marriage. A joyful refrain to christen a new home. Every time the wind blows, the message reminds and brings a smile.

And so, BuyChimes is an act of love. We delight in taking your ideas and thoughts and setting them to music through chimes. It’s always been more than just a business to us – more than just another place to buy a chime (truthfully, there are many other great folks out there selling chimes). BuyChimes has always been a place of love – a place to honor others, and to honor God, in all that we do.