The gift I still remember

We all know it - chimes make great gifts!

Arias 34-inch Chime
Arias 34-inch Chime

When my sons were preschoolers, there was a kind lady at our church, Ellen, who loved little kids. And they loved her. She and her husband often invited children over to explore their backyard (they had a great apple tree that was perfect for climbing).

One day, Jeff and our oldest son went to their house to borrow something, maybe a tool? Normally a 10-minute drive away, that day the trip took over 2 hours!

This was (of course) because Ellen entertained our son while Jeff and her husband talked tools. Two hours of play – what an unexpected gift to this tired, busy mom back home.

Twenty years later, I still remember how I felt when Ellen gave her time so generously to our son, and our family.

That's how other people feel when you give them a personalized chime. Just like me, they'll remember that feeling for years.

There's a school in South Carolina that sends an Arias chime (this one) to teachers and staff when they experience a loss. We engrave the wind sail with a cross and the words “In memory of your loved one." Every time the chime rings, their loved one (and that feeling of generosity) is honored.

If you want to give that same feeling, here's the beautiful chime the school sends: the Arias 34-inch chime.

As the saying goes, "We don't remember days, we remember moments."