Shenandoah Melodies

Expert Engraving Available on All Sizes!

Shenandoah Melodies wind chimes are another beautiful line of wind chimes by the same manufacturer of the Corinthian Bells, Gentle Spirits, and Bells of Vienna wind chimes. They feature a molded cap (similar to the Bells of Vienna design) and a round sail (just like the Corinthian Bells design).

These hand-tuned chimes come with the superior heavy-walled aluminum tubing and single-string suspension that chime aficionados have come to love. A weather-resistant wooden (Spanish cedar) striker delivers great tones in a unique, earthy style. A three-year warranty is offered with these five-tubed chimes.

Made in Virginia, the Shenandoah Melodies chimes take you back to a simpler time and place, just like their home state. These melodies are the songs of nature - of beautiful Shenandoah vistas with blue mountains and green valleys. Available in Sage Green, Plum, Green, Black and Copper Vein, these chimes are sure to become another popular addition to the spectrum of fine chimes offered in today's market.

Shenandoah Melodies 25-inch Chime
Shenandoah Melodies 27-inch Chime
Shenandoah Melodies 34-inch Chime
Shenandoah Melodies 67-inch Chime
Shenandoah Melodies 42-inch Chime
Shenandoah Melodies 47-inch Chime
Shenandoah Melodies 54-inch Chime
Shenandoah Melodies 60-inch Chime