Corinthian Bells Chimes: A Customer Favorite

Corinthian Bells 44-inch wind chime
Corinthian Bells 44-inch wind chime in Black

   Can you believe that it's been more than ten years since Corinthian Bells wind chimes were introduced?!  And throughout those years, the Corinthian chimes have steadily built a loyal and enthusiastic fan following.  And for good reason! 

   With sizes ranging from 27-74 inches, the Corinthian chimes are hand-tuned to the musical scales of A, C, E, E-flat, and G. Lots of customers choose several sizes with different scales for a rich, full sound. Because the smaller chimes ring more than the larger chimes, there's an ever-changing melody of great musical sounds in your garden. How peaceful!

   Since 2007, BuyChimes has been selling Corinthian Bells chimes. And they have always been, and continue to be even now, a perennial customer favorite. Kinda like those hostas or lavendar that come up year after year after year! So, so beautiful.

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