Featuring... The ChimeOut wind chime silencer

Wind Chime Silencer
The ChimeOut silences your chimes!

A customer review:  A brilliant idea for a product - definitely meets a need (the need to sleep well when it’s windy out without having to take down the heavy chimes and find a place to lay them where the cats won’t chew through the cords). Item arrived quickly and is already in use tonight. Easy to install and does what it’s supposed to do. Thanks for an awesome product!

The ChimeOut wind chime silencer does the job it was designed to do - completely silence wind chimes. There are likely times when you want to protect and silence the chime, whether it's overly windy or stormy weather, eager children in your backyard, or even an overnight guest that's sleeping close to the chime. With the ChimeOut, you won't need to take the chime down and stow it away. It can be put on the chime right where it's at—so easy!

The ChimeOut is made of a dense, flexible, crosslinked foam that is both durable and waterproof. Once in place, it holds the striker and tubes in a fixed position, thus not hitting each other and making a sound or hitting other nearby things. It comes in two sizes: Large and Medium.

Measurements and sizes can be found by clicking here:  ChimeOut details and sizes

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