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ChimeOut Wind Chime Silencer - Small

ChimeOut Wind Chime Silencer - Small

Product Description

The ChimeOutTM wind chime silencer does the job it was designed to do - completely silence wind chimes. There are likely times when you want to protect and silence the chime, whether it's overly windy or stormy weather, eager children in your backyard, or even an overnight guest that's sleeping close to the chime. With the ChimeOut, you won't need to take the chime down and stow it away. It can be put on the chime right where it's at—so easy!

The ChimeOut is made of a dense, flexible, crosslinked foam that is both durable and waterproof. Once in place, it holds the striker and tubes in a fixed position, thus not hitting each other and making a sound or hitting other nearby things.

NOTE: The slit for the center string is cut at an angle for a tight, secure hold on both the striker and the string. It also makes it easier to install. It will appear crooked, but that is an intentional design feature, not a flaw. If the slit were straight, the ChimeOut would not hold the chime securely in strong winds. With the slit cut at an angle, that does not happen. Your chime is protected AND quiet!

This is a small model that fits chimes with six tubes with a tube diameter of less than one inch. This includes all small six-tubed chimes, including the 27 and 30 inch chimes in the Corinthian Bells and Arabesque lines, as well as similar sizes in the Arias, Festival, and Grace Note wind chime lines.

It can also be used with five-tubed chimes, but it will "splay" out the tubes a bit more, given the extra notch for the sixth tube.  Any questions on whether it will work on your chime, just call us at 877-293-6395.

U.S. pat. no 9024161. Made in the U.S.A.

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  • Item Code: BC-CHIMEOUT-S

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