How to Protect your Wind Chime in Winter

During Hurricane Sandy, a number of customers called regarding what to do to protect their wind chimes. While all the chimes that we sell are made for year-round, outdoor use, certainly common sense should prevail when gale-force winds, whether with rain or snow, are predicted.

It is recommended that you take your chime down in high winds - and the same holds true for severe snow storms. Customers in the Northeast, Upper MidWest and Pacific Northwest often comment that they put their chime in the garage or shed during the winter months, simply to prolong its beauty for the summer months. Good idea!

Here in Virginia, we have a temperate climate, so most wind chimes are absolutely fine to be outside hanging year-round. Mine sure are! And it's lovely to see the snow create beautiful, artistic patterns on the top crown and tubes - only to quickly melt away, usually within a day.

What do you do with your chimes in winter? We'd love to hear!

- Carolyn

BuyChimes, LLC