Majesty Bells

Expert Engraving Available on All Sizes!

Majesty Bells wind chimes are elegant wind chimes that have been well-known and much-loved by customers for many years. Finely finished in either white oak or black walnut, Majesty Bells chimes are individually hand-tuned to ensure that their beautiful melodies are thoroughly enjoyed. And in the bright colors of Silver, Bronze, Green and Black,these wind chimes are visually pleasing - and of course, delightful to the ear as well.

Joyful Refrain 18-inch Chime
Cheerful Chorus 21-inch Chime
Enchanting Aire 24-inch Chime
Breezy Blues 28-inch Chime
Hope Resounding 30-inch Chime
Peaceful Melody 37-inch Chime
Freedom Rings 68-inch Chime