Gentle Spirits

Expert Engraving Available on All Sizes!

Gentle Spirits wind chimes are exquisite, contemporary wind chimes designed to produce the highest-quality sounds for your listening pleasure. Designed and made in the U.S. from high-quality materials, Gentle Spirits chimes are intended to be hung used outdoors. Their music will provide many years of enjoyment to its listeners. These superior wind chimes are available in Green, Black, Copper Vein, Plum and Sage.

Gentle Spirits wind chimes are assembled with the superior, central-pin suspension system that produces soft, pure tones with incredible resonance—the same system as the Corinthian Bells and Bells of Vienna chimes. These hand-tuned chimes will enchant you with their beautiful melodies.

Gentle Spirits 27-inch Chime
Gentle Spirits 29-inch Chime
Gentle Spirits 36-inch Chime
Gentle Spirits 44-inch Chime
Gentle Spirits 50-inch Chime
Gentle Spirits 74-inch Chime
Gentle Spirits 55-inch Chime
Gentle Spirits 65-inch Chime