How we do engraving

An engraved Corinthian Bells chime sail.  An engraved Majesty Bells chime sail. 
An engraved Corinthian Bells (forest green) chime sail.
An engraved Arias wooden chime sail. 
An engraved Corinthian Bells (copper vein) chime sail.

Examples of engraved wind sails. The sail is the piece of the chime (either metal or wood) hanging at the bottom that catches the wind. We do not engrave the tubes or the cap (also called the crown or dome) of the chimes.


Laser engraving is available for all wind chimes we sell!

Why Engrave?

Because engraved wind chimes make wonderful gifts for any occasion. Think of them as a way to convey your message to the recipient all the time—not just when they open the card or have the flowers delivered. How lovely to receive an engraved chime as a housewarming, anniversary, thank you or even memorial gift! For just a little extra, your personalized note is always there.

How does it work?

You can see what your engraved message will look like by 1. typing in your text, 2. selecting a font and image, and 3. looking at the preview. We will engrave it as you lay it out. If you want the flourish to be somewhere other than at the top, type [flourish] in the text where you'd like it and we'll put it there when we engrave.

1. type in text, 2. select fonts and image, 3. see preview

Depending on the wind chime's size, you can type in a limit of 50, 100, or 150 characters. We can fit only so much text on a sail and have it look okay.

When we engrave it, we may have to adjust the layout slightly to have it fit better on the sail. This depends on the size and shape of the sail and how much there is to engrave. If you'd like, we can send you a proof of the layout before we engrave it. Just let us know in the order comments that you want a proof.

Most chime sails are engraved on one side of the sail only. Chimes with circle sails (Corinthian Bells and Shenandoah Melodies) can be engraved on both sides (extra charge). Call us if you are interested. The engraving is done horizontally on the sail. Because of the shape of the Bells of Vienna sail, the engraving is done vertically on the sail.

Special requests are usually accommodated, such as if you would like a different font or have another image. We can typically do this at no additional cost. If, for some reason, the special request cannot be accommodated or an extra fee is involved, we will contact you to discuss it before engraving the chime.

What If My Friends or Family Don't Like It?

Rest assured, most folks love getting an engraved gift! But please know that because an engraved chime is a custom, personalized gift, it cannot be returned. If the gift recipient, however, would prefer a blank wind sail, they can simply call us (877-293-6395) to arrange the details.

Stumped for a Great Idea to Engrave?

Just call us! We've engraved many chimes for many occasions and can make several suggestions based on the sentiment you'd like to convey in your situation.


Adding engraving can delay orders by a day or two. We take the time to get it right. If you need your order by a certain date, please allow extra time. If you have a question about shipping estimates to your destination (or any other questions about engraving a chime), please call us at 877-293-6395 or contact us.