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Love Deeply - Corinthian Bells 27-inch Chime

Love Deeply - Corinthian Bells 27-inch Chime

Product Description

The Corinthian Bells 106 is the charmer of this line of chimes. Hand-tuned to the scale of C, this is a delightfully petite chime that measures 27-inches from the metal hanging ring to the bottom of the wind sail. At only two pounds, this chime rings easily in any breeze, and like all the Corinthian Bells, its tones and melodies continue to resonate long after the tubes are struck. This chime not only makes an excellent gift, it also provides a perfect splash of color and music to any nook in your garden that just needs a little something special!

One side of this chime sail is engraved with half of the Helen Keller quote in a circle around a single heart.  The second side of this wind sail is engraved with the second half of the Helen Keller quote in a circle around your personalized memorial gift text, usually the name of the deceased, and often, the dates of their life. If there's space, we also include a heart on this side. Call us at 877-293-6395 if you have any questions.

Available Colors: Black, Copper Vein, Midnight Blue, and Silver Vein.

Product Details

  • Item Code: MEM-DEEP-CB106

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