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Listen to the Wind - Corinthian Bells 50-inch Chime

Listen to the Wind - Corinthian Bells 50-inch Chime

Product Description

This rich chime is often the hallmark by which all other Corinthian Bells chimes are measured. Smack in the middle of the line, the CB 516 is a confident 50 inches long. Hand-tuned to the key of A, this chime readily harmonizes with other chimes (particularly its siblings in the Corinthian Bells line!) and on its own, fascinating listeners with deep, resonant notes. This top-quality chime continues to satisfy customer after customer. Some say the notes sound like a pipe organ; others say the notes have more of a lyrical song. Everyone says it's beautiful! The clarity of tone and musical pitch stands out in the CB 516 - see for yourself! (Be sure to check out the "Listen to Chime" button above.)

Available Colors: Black, Copper Vein, Green, Patina Green, Midnight Blue, Ruby Splash and Plum.

Product Details

  • Item Code: EN-LISTEN-CB516
  • Overall Length: 50 in
  • Hand-tuned to the scale of: A
  • Notes: A, B, C#, E, F#, A
  • Number of tubes : 6
  • Measurement of the longest tube: 27 3/4 in
  • Tube diameter: 1 1/2 in
  • Chime weight: 10 lbs

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