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Jingle Birds Red Bellied Woodpecker bell

Jingle Birds Red Bellied Woodpecker bell

Listen to this beautiful chime!

Can't hear the sound?

Product Description

Look for Red-bellied Woodpeckers hitching along branches and trunks of medium to large trees, picking at the bark surface more often than drilling into it. Their strikingly barred backs and gleaming red caps make them an unforgettable sight.

This bright little fellow brings personality to any backyard garden—and the sweet copper bell at the bottom is a gentle reminder to all of his presence. The woodpecker itself is 8 inches from beak to tail. The entire ensemble from the top of the leather strap to the bottom of the bell is 18 inches.

This is a beautiful gift for any backyard bird-lover! It is made in the U.S. with resin and hand painted. It is durable and will last for years, even outside.

Engraving now available! Your message can be engraved on a white birch medallion, which we then weave into the leather straps above the bird - a beautiful note of love!

Product Details

  • Item Code: JB-WOOD
  • Overall Length: 18 in

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