Wind Chimes for Indoors

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Corinthian Bells 36-inch wind chimeWhile most folks like to hang wind chimes outdoors, indoors is another great option! Here’s a customer picture of a Corinthian Bells 36-inch wind chime in a sun room. On warm days, with the windows open, this indoor wind chime gently transforms their sun room into a music conservatory! Love the chime against the deep wood ceiling – beautiful both to look at AND to listen to.

Church Bell Chimes – Hand-Tuned and Made in the U.S.

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Customers often look for wind chimes that sound like church bells or chapel bells – a pipe organ sound that’s deep and rich.

Two types of chimes produce that type of sound: the tallest chimes with the skinniest tubes (or smallest tube diameter, to be specific) and shorter chimes with the largest tube diameter. An example are two chimes within the Corinthian Bells chimes: the 74-inch chime (the CB446) and the 65-inch chime (the CB836).

Here’s the CB446: CB446_B1_sm. The 74-inch chime has the song of church bells that go off at noon every day. If you’re close to a church at that time, the familiar tunes of a gospel song or hymn ring out in melodic, deep tones. The longest tube on this chime is 54 inches, with 1.25 inch diameter tubes. Its depth and sound is definitely created by the long, skinny tubes. It is hand-tuned to the major key of C, a very popular tuning.

Here’s the CB836: CB836_B1_sm. The 65-inch chime has more of a resounding gong sound. It’s longest tube is 40 inches and the tube diameter is 2 1/4 inches. This shorter, but much bigger, chime rings out in occasional, bass tones. It is definitely not a clanging, metallic sound – just a peaceful, beautiful, deep, rich melody in the major key of D#.
Both are unique from each other, and lovely in their own way!

- Carolyn
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Corinthian Bells 36-inch Wind Chime in Ruby Splash

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cb306rsFor all you folks out there curious about just how red or maroon or ruby or ?? the “Ruby Splash” color really is…here it is! Definitely not brown-red, and definitely not pink-red. Like all the Corinthian wind chimes, the Ruby Splash is a powder-coating color over the aluminum tubes of the chime, as well as the crown/top and the wind sail. All three elements (tubes, crown and sail) are the same, coordinated color. The striker and the strings are black. The small hanging ring at the top is a silver aluminum. The chime pictured is the 36-inch Corinthian Bells wind chime.

The Ruby Splash adds a great pop of color to a shady corner of your garden. Like the Midnight Blue, it’s a special color just right for that certain nook of your yard. If you’re looking for a subtle, blend-into-the background wind chime, the Ruby Splash is not it! It will absolutely attract the eye and ear of most garden visitors.

Other questions on the Ruby color? Any other color? Email/call us!

- Carolyn
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Personalize Your Wind Chimes with Engraving

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So you’re looking at all the wind chimes online and you’re thinking…
How will I ever choose the perfect chime for my wife (or friend, husband, mom, co-worker)?! With so many great U.S.-made wind chimes available (pstt – they really are the best you know!), one of the best ways to select that perfect chime is simply to find a wind chime that you love and have it personalized and engraved just for them.

If you’re not sure what to say, just email or call us. We’ve seen many wonderful messages and would be happy to suggest one for you to consider. We’ve even seen cryptic text messages – just a series of letters – think LOL, but more cryptic. What a fun, inside-joke, personal gift!

Laser engraving is available on all chimes that we sell. It is done on the wind sail (the wooden or metal piece that catches the wind at the bottom of the chime.) Although it takes an extra 1-2 days for engraving, it is absolutely worth that extra time for such a special, personal gift. But if you’re curious about when the engraved chime will ship, by all means, call or email us. We can quickly give you an estimate of shipping and delivery time.

Any other questions on engraving? We’re here to help!

- Carolyn
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Wind Chimes Make Great Gifts

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As many of you know, a hand-tuned, U.S.-made wind chime makes a great gift for any occasion. And right now, to celebrate and kick off summer, you’ll get FREE gift wrapping on most chimes (does not include Grace Note chimes, since they are shipped directly from the manufacturer). Check out our signature, premium Gift Services here – and try us out for free now!

silver green wrap 3

Now we’re pretty confident that you (and the lucky person to whom you’re giving the chime) will be delighted at these high-quality chimes and top-notch Gift Services. But of course, if we fail to meet your expectations, please call or email us.

- Carolyn
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Special Engraving for Mother’s Day!

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2013 engraved sailThis gorgeous floral design with the words “Happy Mother’s Day 2013″ is available on all engravable chimes. What a beautiful, sentimental touch for that lovely new wind chime you just picked out!

Shown here engraved on a Midnight Blue Corinthian Bells wind chime sail, this is a perfect reminder for any mother of her very special day. And of course, she’ll always remember who gave this very special gift! Be sure to get it all wrapped up in our Premium Mother’s Day emerald wrap…

- Carolyn
BuyChimes, LLC

Wind Chimes Make Great Mother’s Day Gifts!

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Wind chimes make the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Their musical melodies ring through the spring air, reminding Mom of her friends and family – and their delightful gift on Mother’s Day. Make it extra-special by selecting our Premium Gift Wrap and Happy Day Pack for your gift!

That favorite wind chime will be wrapped in premium Emerald Green paper with a Citrus Lime ribbon. An organza bag filled with Bee Happy wildflower seeds, Tazo tea and Starbucks Via coffee is neatly tucked under the ribbon. She’s gonna love it!

And of course, consider making it personal with a custom engraving – your message on any chime you select. Again, she’s gonna love it!

Call us for special requests or suggestions on chimes. We know these chimes very well – and we’re here to help!

- Carolyn
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Wind Chimes Love to Accessorize!

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So you have a beautiful wind chime out there by the patio. It rings year-round, as faithful as the mailman. But whenever it snows or rains, you get a little concerned about what the weather will do to the strings and finish on the chime.

Most wind chimes (unless they are uniquely indoor chimes) are made for year-round, outdoor use. But weather will take a toll on any chime, no matter the brand. For the high-quality metal chimes, the wear will be minimal. But for chimes that have wooden components (top, striker and wind sail), the wear will be evident more quickly. And while that weathered look can be beautiful (think the rich patina of wood antiques), it might not be exactly what you want for your wind chime!

aspects dome 12 inchaspects dome 18 inch

These weather domes, designed for bird feeders, are the perfect accessory for protecting your wind chime. A customer gave us the tip for the domes (Thanks, Hat!), since he orders one for every chime he buys. So we bought one, tested it for several months, and indeed, discovered that they are just right for wind chimes! And of course, we love that they’re manufactured right here in the U.S., by Aspects, Inc.

Available in 12 and 18-inch diameters, these domes will provide that extra protection and care that your oh-so-lovely wind chimes will thank you for! Coming very soon – you’ll find them under the Accessories tab at BuyChimes.

- Carolyn
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Windy Wind Chimes on YouTube!

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Check out our windy wind chime video on YouTube! Recorded in 8 mph winds, with gusts of 11 now and then, this Corinthian Bells chime simply sang for the camera. Very authentic, for sure!

Corinthian Bells 29-inch wind chime on YouTube

- Carolyn
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Best Way to Find the Perfect Wind Chime for Your Back Yard!

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Customers call or email frequently with a question like this… “I’ve been looking at your web site all weekend, but I’m a little confused. There are so many lovely chimes! How do I know which one will work for MY back yard?”


Good question!

Here are tips to help you pick the perfect wind chime:
1. Do you want to hear the chime a lot or not very much? A small, light chime will ring more easily than a long, heavy chime. So even though you love the tones of that deep, resonant 30-pound wind chime, pick a smaller chime if you want to hear it more often.

2. How much wind does your back yard get? A heavy chime (anything over 10 pounds) takes a consistent wind to move the tubes and make the chime “ring.” A medium chime (like a Corinthian 44-inch) is a good choice for a chime that will ring a medium amount in a medium wind environment. And remember, a medium-sized chime is best for gift-giving when you’re not sure of the spot the chime will be hanging.

3. Do you want the chime to stand out or blend into the environment? Any of the dark colored chimes (Green, Patina Green, Sage Green, Black, Plum and Copper Vein) tend to blend into the outside environment. The brighter colors and metallics (Silver, Bronze, Midnight Blue, Ruby Splash) will stand out more. Beautiful!

4. Each chime page has a place on the top right where you can click and listen to the chime. There you’ll be able to sort through and find the “sound” you love!

Hope you find these helpful as you pick out that perfect wind chime! And of course, feel free to call us with any specific questions. We’re here and we know these chimes!

- Carolyn
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