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Introducing the ChimeOut

Jeff | Tuesday, December 13, 2016 in News, Random stuff | Comments (0)

Over the years, several customers called asking if we had anything they could use to silence their wind chime. Usually, they wanted to leave the chime where it was and not have to take it down every time a large storm was coming. We could only suggest that they tie a string around it. But after enough customers called, it got us thinking.

In response, we developed a wind chime silencer and called it the ChimeOut. You can put it on your chime when you want to leave the chime in place, but you want to silence and protect it. It’s made of a soft foam and rests on top of the striker. The tubes fit into the openings on the side. This way, the striker and tubes can’t hit each other, and the wind chimes are silenced and protected.

The ChimeOut is a wind chime silencer

The ChimeOut is a wind chime silencer


Simple Gratitude: Give a moment to another

Carolyn | Thursday, November 19, 2015 in Random stuff, the company | Comments (0)

thanksgiving photo2

When I was a young girl, we spent Thanksgiving at my grandparents’ farm, just a few miles away from our Lancaster, PA suburban home. My mom and dad would often catch up on outdoor work in the morning, while the rest of us prepared the meal, the house, and the dining table for later. My strongest memories of those early Thanksgivings are walking the meadows with my dad (sometimes he hunted, most times he didn’t) and picking up black walnuts with whomever was brave enough for the job (we used to wear plastic bags on our hands so they wouldn’t get black from the smutzy shells). After the quiet morning away from regular work and school, the family gathered in the old farmhouse kitchen for my Grandma’s delicious Thanksgiving meal. My favorite part was the hot rolls and later, the fresh apple pie with Turkey Hill Big Chief vanilla ice cream. Of course, the “Big Chief” name has long since vanished, along with the black walnuts, but my memories remain. Memories of clean, stark fall landscapes, a warm farmhouse, and caring family times. And for those, I’m deeply thankful.

This Thanksgiving season, I encourage each of us to remember past holidays and then share those memories with others…to give a simple moment of gratitude to another.


Give Thanks!

Carolyn | Tuesday, November 11, 2014 in News, Random stuff, the company | Comments (0)

Thanksgiving ~
For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

We love the holiday season here at BuyChimes! Come the end of November, we’re busy-busy wrapping and shipping wind chimes to customers across the United States.

But before Christmas is one of our very favorite personal holidays – Thanksgiving – it’s a day filled with gratitude for “everything Thy goodness sends!” So even though we’re an internet retailer, and everyone else out there is promoting Christmas already (have you seen the over-the-top mall displays?!), you won’t find that here at BuyChimes. Simply because we think taking the time to give thanks is so very important.

And after being in this business for 13 years now, we’re so thankful first and foremost to our wonderful, loyal customers. Thank YOU!
- Carolyn
BuyChimes LLC

U.S. Wind Chimes with an Oh-So-Modern Twist

Carolyn | Wednesday, October 15, 2014 in Chime info, News, Random stuff | Comments (0)

Check out these incredibly gorgeous modern wind chimes!
They are designed and created right here in the U.S. by L&G Studio of Seattle, Washington. A bit pricey, but what a gorgeous piece of art! Just goes to show that chimes come in many looks, not just the traditional styles. Way to jump-start (one can only hope!) a new trend, L&G!

The Backyard of your Dreams

Carolyn | Tuesday, April 24, 2012 in Random stuff | Comments (0)

I’ve got the perfect backyard in my dreams. It’s got lots of purple and white flowers, hostas everywhere, a gorgeous stone path leading to a spacious patio, and of course, my favorite wind chime hanging “just so.” There are no weeds and everything is perfectly mulched! Like I said, it’s a dream…

Backyards are such private, wonderful retreats, as they mold to and take on the personality of the folks living there. And it really doesn’t matter if the yard is big or small, manicured or wild, simple or fancy!

hgtvHere are some fantastic ideas for backyard spaces from HGTV. May they give you inspiration!

And remember, a hand-tuned U.S.-made wind chime is simply the perfect accent piece, both visually and acoustically, for that perfect backyard! Of course, we just happen to have a few to choose from… :)

- Carolyn
BuyChimes, LLC

Spread Love

Carolyn | Wednesday, February 8, 2012 in Random stuff | Comments (0)

Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own home.
Give love to your children, to a wife or husband, to a next-door neighbor.

Mother Teresa

Love these words from Mother Teresa for this Valentine’s Day. So often, we think that life’s problems are too big for us to really DO anything about…. unemployment, poverty, homelessness, the list goes on and on. But Mother Teresa’s words encourage each of us to do this simple task, day in and day out – with great forgiveness and compassion. And VERY good things will happen – perhaps even bring about great change to one of those big problems!

Two_left_hands_forming_a_heart_shape2 Such simple advice… Spread Love. First of all, in my home. Sometimes tough. Always important.

How will YOU spread love this Valentine’s week? Love to hear from you all…

(Pssst – Promise I’ll be back with a more wind-chime focused blog entry soon. I just HAD to share this quote this week!)

- Carolyn
BuyChimes, LLC

The first time – the first chime

Carolyn | Thursday, October 13, 2011 in Chime info, Random stuff | Comments (0)

Remember the first time you caught the melodies of a truly wonderful wind chime? Singing over the perennials at the garden shop, or across your friend’s patio, or even better, fresh from the gift box to your own backyard?

I sure remember. I stopped by my friend, Ellen’s, house to drop the kids off for a fun evening with Legos. And there, right beside their front door, was a wind chime like I’d never seen before. The music on that breezy autumn day caught my ear long before I realized it was the chime, a Gentle Spirits 50-inch chime in Copper Vein, that created the music. And the craftsmanship – the best.

Since there was no door bell, I gently coaxed a louder melody from the chime – and sure enough, here came Ellen. As the kids zoomed through the door, they too played the chime. How fun!

Little did I realize then that one day Jeff and I would have the privilege of offering this discovery of truly wonderful wind chimes to others. Thank you, Ellen, for hanging the chime by your door!

Think of our website as our front door – and all these wonderful U.S.-made chimes are hanging right here, waiting for you to discover and ring them. Enjoy!

- Carolyn
BuyChimes, LLC

What wind chimes and monkeys have in common

Carolyn | Friday, September 9, 2011 in Gift info, Random stuff, chime folly | Comments (0)

One of the greatest pleasures in running BuyChimes is hearing from customers. You folks out there are simply wonderful! We so appreciate when you connect with us by emailing or calling with comments – both things we’re doing well and things we need to improve.

Here’s a little note I received today from Peter… “Thank you for all your help, I appreciate it. Also, it’d be cool if you could draw a monkey wrestling a shark on the box. Thanks! :)” Peter was sending this chime to his father – and decided to lighten our day here at BuyChimes with his very funny note. (In case you’re wondering, we did NOT draw the monkey. Though we talked about how great it would be if we could.)

Customers write little instructions like this all the time for us. Whether it’s “please switch to Green if Black is out-of-stock” or “please draw a monkey!”, we’re happy to help out. We’re not a big fulfillment company – we handle these chimes all day, every day (except Sunday). So if you write us a note, we’ll get it and do our best to meet your needs. We’re a small, family business and our customers do not get lost in the shuffle.

Hmmm – what else do chimes and monkeys have in common? Nothing! At least let’s hope so. Have a wonderful weekend – chime on!

- Carolyn

Eearth QQuuaaakkke!

Jeff | Thursday, August 25, 2011 in Random stuff, chime folly | Comments (0)

When I’m not working for BuyChimes, I work at another job at a nice, not-too-tall office building nearby in Northern Virginia. And, of course, I have a small wind chime (a Gentle Spirits 206) hanging by the window. (Not that I can open that window, but it reminds me of Carolyn and BuyChimes as I do my other work.)

This Tuesday, I was at my office and heard some rattling. I thought it was someone in the hallway moving furniture on a dolly, very FAST. The shaking kept increasing. I soon realized we were experiencing an earthquake (the one centered in Mineral, Virginia, and registered at 5.9 on the Richter). I went to stand in the office doorway. Other people began pouring out of their offices, and I decided it was time to leave the building too. As left, I heard the wind chime ringing! It wasn’t like the ringing you’d hear in a 30 MPH wind, but it was three or four tones. As I was scampering down the hallway, I thought, “Oh, the chime’s ringing.”

It never even occurred to me that something other than wind (or manually moving the sail) could make a chime ring. Has anyone else experienced or hear a chime ring as the result of an earthquake? Or maybe some other occurrence? We’d love to hear your story!


From this mom…

Carolyn | Saturday, May 14, 2011 in Random stuff, the company | Comments (0)

Whew! Mother’s Day is always a busy, busy time of the year here at BuyChimes. And 2011 was no exception. In the past two weeks, we shipped hundreds of wind chimes of all sizes, colors and (most importantly) sounds, across the U.S., to many moms’ great delight! Here’s my favorite comment from the season… “Beautiful chimes!! Handling the Mother’s Day gift for my husband & getting what I want this year :)”

And what did this mom of two do on Mother’s Day? I spent a quiet afternoon reading the Sunday Post, nibbling on chocolate (anyone else out there think Godiva’s key lime truffles are quite simply the best?!) and strolling through the always-delightful Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, VA. Such a lovely garden. Such a peaceful day.

A beautiful day in the garden

A beautiful day at Meadowlark

- Carolyn