Church Bell Chimes – Hand-Tuned and Made in the U.S.

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Customers often look for wind chimes that sound like church bells or chapel bells – a pipe organ sound that’s deep and rich.

Two types of chimes produce that type of sound: the tallest chimes with the skinniest tubes (or smallest tube diameter, to be specific) and shorter chimes with the largest tube diameter. An example are two chimes within the Corinthian Bells chimes: the 74-inch chime (the CB446) and the 65-inch chime (the CB836).

Here’s the CB446: CB446_B1_sm. The 74-inch chime has the song of church bells that go off at noon every day. If you’re close to a church at that time, the familiar tunes of a gospel song or hymn ring out in melodic, deep tones. The longest tube on this chime is 54 inches, with 1.25 inch diameter tubes. Its depth and sound is definitely created by the long, skinny tubes. It is hand-tuned to the major key of C, a very popular tuning.

Here’s the CB836: CB836_B1_sm. The 65-inch chime has more of a resounding gong sound. It’s longest tube is 40 inches and the tube diameter is 2 1/4 inches. This shorter, but much bigger, chime rings out in occasional, bass tones. It is definitely not a clanging, metallic sound – just a peaceful, beautiful, deep, rich melody in the major key of D#.
Both are unique from each other, and lovely in their own way!

- Carolyn
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