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Summer vacation

Carolyn | Monday, August 13, 2012 in the company | Comments (0)

BuyChimes will be closed next week. We’re a small family business and we greatly cherish time spent with family and friends. Whether or not summer vacation means a trip or days spent at home, everyone deserves time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Which is why we simply close for a week every summer. Truly, our customers know exactly what we mean!

George Washington was spot-on perfect when he said, “I’d rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.”

It’s during these “farm” moments that we’re better able to serve as “emperor.” For those who read this blog regularly (and of course, we do hope there are many of you!), you certainly know of my deep admiration for George Washington. In many, many ways, his life inspires and prompts me to greater thought and higher action.

Practically speaking – this simply means that all orders placed after Wednesday, August 15 will ship on Monday, August 27. We’ll be back soon!

- Carolyn
BuyChimes, LLC

Gardening in August

Carolyn | Sunday, August 12, 2012 in Gift info, the company | Comments (0)

Delightful blog post about gardening in August!
What to pull up, what to plant, what to enjoy…hope you like it!

august garden In fact, we’ve been so busy here at BuyChimes this summer, it feels a bit like the article. We’ve tweaked our business model here and there, created some amazing strategic plans, and in the midst of all that – shipped a LOT of wind chimes to folks across the country! So glad to see you’re taking advantage of our Free Gift Wrap offer going on (just say “yes” to gift wrap when you select the chime) – and so delighted to help many of you select engraving for that perfect chime.

Call us if we can help in any way – 877-293-6395. Just know, during busy times, the phone lines are bustling! It’s not that we’re not here, it’s that we’re helping other customers. Promise – if you get the machine, leave a message! – we’ll get back to you quickly.

- Carolyn
BuyChimes, LLC