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In Overalls for Our Customers!

Carolyn | Thursday, May 24, 2012 in News, the company | Comments (0)

One of our favorite quotes here at BuyChimes…

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” ~ Thomas Edison

Oh, how true this is! When Mark & Ellen, the former owners of BuyChimes, first approached us about purchasing the business five years ago, Jeff and I were busy-busy with real life—big jobs, raising kids, 30-year mortgage on the house, and the list goes on… Running an Internet store for U.S. wind chimes looked more like overalls than an opportunity, for sure. How well I remember the first day I worked with Mark & Ellen. I came home saying, “I don’t care if I ever touch a wind chime again in my life—that’s hard work!” I look back now and laugh—what a VERY well-disguised opportunity to own a successful small business!

10yranniversarypixHere’s the best part—BuyChimes is celebrating its 10-year anniversary THIS YEAR! Thank you to the scores of customers who have purchased wind chimes from us over the years. We love hearing from you—how creative you are with your chimes, everything from where to hang them to the wittiest saying to engrave on the wind sail. YOU are truly the reason we put on these overalls every day. :)

Stay tuned for the ways we WILL celebrate this milestone… (Hint — it’s bound to involve a super deal!)

- Carolyn
BuyChimes, LLC