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A Made-In-USA Christmas!

Carolyn | Tuesday, December 20, 2011 in Uncategorized | Comments (0)

Thanks to wonderfully loyal (and new!) customers, this holiday season at BuyChimes has been fast, busy and filled with wonderful stories and memories. One of the best moments of the season occurred right after Thanksgiving when ABC News ran a feature regarding U.S.-made products. (Check out our Facebook page for the full story.) A gal mentioned one of the wind chimes that we carry – Majesty Bells. Instantly, orders started coming in and the phones started ringing!

Of course, we were happy to boost sales of the Majesty Bells chimes. But even more importantly, we were simply delighted at the vote of confidence in U.S.-made merchandise and retailers that are committed to selling them, like BuyChimes. It’s easy-peasy to find and sell non-U.S.-made stuff. Too easy. And it can be daunting to maintain our standard of only U.S.-made chimes. Those littles notes of encouragement and support that accompanied orders and phone calls brightened our busiest sales season – thank you!

And with Christmas right around the corner, not only must I say thank you, but also, the very merriest and bright holidays to you all! See you next year – we’ll be here and so will these great chimes.

- Carolyn

Still in time for Christmas!

Carolyn | Sunday, December 11, 2011 in Chime info, News | Comments (0)

Want to give that perfect chime for Christmas, but not sure if it will get there in time? Our busy FedEx elves assure us that there’s still plenty of time for a Christmas delivery! If we’re not sure the package will be delivered on or before Saturday, 12/24/2011, we’ll call or email you.

And this week (Dec 12-16), since BuyChimes is on the East Coast (Virginia), we’re bumping all West Coast deliveries to the front of the line – and at no extra cost. No worries, East Coasters and Mid-Westerners, you folks really have lots of time! Standard FedEx (free on most orders) shipping takes just 1-3 days for most deliveries up and down the Atlantic seaboard, and 2-3 days for the Midwest. The West is 4 days; and California, Oregon and Washington are 5 days. (Note: For orders of Grace Note chimes, since they ship directly from Grace Note in California, the reverse is true. (East Coast is 5 days, West Coast is 1 day…)

So go ahead, select that free shipping option and relax! We really do have this covered.

Free Beener for Your Christmas Chime

Carolyn | Saturday, December 3, 2011 in Gift info, News | Comments (0)

BeenerHol_smDid you see… we’re throwing in a FREE holiday carabiner with all orders this weekend! In a bright, festive red, this clip will come in so very handy when you’re hanging that Christmas wind chime. It clips on to the top metal ring (or loop of strings if it’s a Gentle Spirits or Majestic Spirits chime) of the chime and then on to your hook or hanger. With a heavy chime, it makes the hanging so much easier! We love ‘em and use ‘em all the time here at HQ.

The text reads “Season’s Greetings!” How perfect for this weekend!

- Carolyn
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