How to Measure a Wind Chime

Carolyn | Wednesday, November 9, 2011 in Chime info | Comments (0)

A familiar question from customers is “Just how do you measure these chimes? The bottom of the tubes to the top of the crown? Or maybe the top of the hanging ring to…. where do I stop? Help!”

Not to worry. The measurements on our site are really quite simple – it’s the complete height of the wind chime. So if you were hanging it, start at the very top (either a knot of strings or a hanging ring) and then go to the bottom of the wind sail (or flipper or wind catcher or whatever other whimsical name you’ve heard it called). And there you have it.

Here’s a diagram of a wind chime that we’ve got on the BuyChimes site. Hope this fully answers the question, but if not, please call me! Trust me, we know these wind chimes. We wouldn’t sell them (and love them and believe wholeheartedly in them!) if we didn’t.

- Carolyn

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