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Chimes and Neighbors

Carolyn | Wednesday, October 26, 2011 in Chime info, News | Comments (0)

In this morning’s newspaper, a reader wondered what to do about a neighbor’s wind chime – it was keeping him up at night! How dreadful – for both neighbors.

Miss Manners responded so graciously – check out her thoughts here. But we’ve got some thoughts for the chime aficionados out there:

First off, buy good chimes! And by “good chimes,” we mean hand-tuned, musical wind chimes. There are many, many metallic-sounding chimes out there. They’re cheap and they are, quite literally, everywhere! Most of these are produced outside the U.S. – and frankly, it shows – both in craftsmanship and sound. So shop around and look for the best wind chime you can afford. All the chimes we sell are made in the U.S. and hand-tuned, which means they sound melodic when the wind blows.

And secondly, if you love chimes, but your neighbor does not, then you may want to simply move your chime. I know from talking to many of you – you visually want that chime in a specific location (I confess, I’m the same!). But if it’s a top-quality chime, it will look good anywhere. And, of course, it will sound good anywhere too!

If you do have a neighbor issue – call us. We’re pretty confident that we can find a chime that works for you, your budget & your neighbor too!

The first time – the first chime

Carolyn | Thursday, October 13, 2011 in Chime info, Random stuff | Comments (0)

Remember the first time you caught the melodies of a truly wonderful wind chime? Singing over the perennials at the garden shop, or across your friend’s patio, or even better, fresh from the gift box to your own backyard?

I sure remember. I stopped by my friend, Ellen’s, house to drop the kids off for a fun evening with Legos. And there, right beside their front door, was a wind chime like I’d never seen before. The music on that breezy autumn day caught my ear long before I realized it was the chime, a Gentle Spirits 50-inch chime in Copper Vein, that created the music. And the craftsmanship – the best.

Since there was no door bell, I gently coaxed a louder melody from the chime – and sure enough, here came Ellen. As the kids zoomed through the door, they too played the chime. How fun!

Little did I realize then that one day Jeff and I would have the privilege of offering this discovery of truly wonderful wind chimes to others. Thank you, Ellen, for hanging the chime by your door!

Think of our website as our front door – and all these wonderful U.S.-made chimes are hanging right here, waiting for you to discover and ring them. Enjoy!

- Carolyn
BuyChimes, LLC

Engraved wind chimes

Carolyn | Saturday, October 1, 2011 in Chime info, Gift info, News | Comments (0)

I well remember the first wind chime that we engraved for a customer. That was probably four years ago and I remember thinking at the time…”Now THAT is a great idea! We should perfect this process and offer it to everyone.” But, time quickened and other great ideas kept delaying the Engraved Chime idea.

No more! Last spring, we engraved a select number of very special chimes for Mother’s Day to test the idea once again. And again, we discovered the market was there for the idea. An engraved chime makes a true and deeply personal gift, whether it’s for a new home, wedding, birth of a child or memorial.

Since the spring, we have partnered with a local (Fairfax, Virginia) engraver that now does all our engraved chimes. We charge $10 for one-sided engraving and folks simply love it! The engraver is happy for the business; and we’re happy to offer this to customers. It is offered on Corinthian Bells and Shenandoah Melodies chimes only (because they have such a perfect wind sail for engraving).

Since it is a unique service that we want to get 100% correct, you will not see it as part of the check-out process. Instead, we ask customers to please email or call us. We’d like to discuss all details with you prior to placing the order. We don’t mean to complicate things – we simply want to get it right. (And ssshhhh – we’ll even surprise you with an emailed picture of the engraved sail if it’s going as a gift to someone else. Because we know that you’d love to know exactly how it turned out!)

Over and over again, we hear from customers that one of the main reasons they order from BuyChimes is our personal service. We are simply not a big company with a big warehouse and a big staff – we’re small, we’re personal and we will absolutely stay that way.

We promise – your order (engraved or not) will not get lost in the shuffle. We work tirelessly to get your order “just right.” And of course, we hope you agree!

- Carolyn
BuyChimes, LLC