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Chimes blowin’ in the wind

Carolyn | Saturday, August 27, 2011 in Chime info | Comments (0)

Customers frequently inquire about how much or little wind will impact their chime. Our local paper had a fantastic article about the effects of various speeds of wind on trees, buildings, etc. Check it out here!

For wind chimes to ring consistently, the wind needs to blow. That sounds so simple, but truly, if you want to hear a chime on a fairly often basis, be sure of two things:
1. You pick a lighter weight chime (anything under 10 lbs.)
2. You pick a spot in your yard that gets wind or breezes.

Now if you have a wonderfully windy nook in your garden, then any chime will work! Lucky you. You simply have to pick the one that sounds or looks the best for your space – and of course there’s the household budget to think about too!

Here at BuyChimes, we don’t get much wind. So unless there’s a storm brewing, we rarely hear the gorgeous, big chimes that are hanging about. (That said, I LOVE how Hurricane Irene is dancing with my big Corinthian Bells 53-inch chime this weekend!) And that infrequency is actually quite perfect for us. The chime is hanging so close to our patio, that to hear it often might be disturbing – simply “too much of a good thing.”

I’d love to hear how the wind engages the chimes of customers – be sure to write and let us know! I’ll post comments on the site…

- Carolyn

Eearth QQuuaaakkke!

Jeff | Thursday, August 25, 2011 in Random stuff, chime folly | Comments (0)

When I’m not working for BuyChimes, I work at another job at a nice, not-too-tall office building nearby in Northern Virginia. And, of course, I have a small wind chime (a Gentle Spirits 206) hanging by the window. (Not that I can open that window, but it reminds me of Carolyn and BuyChimes as I do my other work.)

This Tuesday, I was at my office and heard some rattling. I thought it was someone in the hallway moving furniture on a dolly, very FAST. The shaking kept increasing. I soon realized we were experiencing an earthquake (the one centered in Mineral, Virginia, and registered at 5.9 on the Richter). I went to stand in the office doorway. Other people began pouring out of their offices, and I decided it was time to leave the building too. As left, I heard the wind chime ringing! It wasn’t like the ringing you’d hear in a 30 MPH wind, but it was three or four tones. As I was scampering down the hallway, I thought, “Oh, the chime’s ringing.”

It never even occurred to me that something other than wind (or manually moving the sail) could make a chime ring. Has anyone else experienced or hear a chime ring as the result of an earthquake? Or maybe some other occurrence? We’d love to hear your story!


Wind chimes and a PGA victory!

Carolyn | Tuesday, August 16, 2011 in Chime info, Gift info, News, chime folly | Comments (0)

Just when I think I’ve seen everything a wind chime can do, something quirky and new comes along!

As you may know, Keegan Bradley, a 25-year-old rookie golfer who hails from Vermont, just won the 93rd PGA tournament last Sunday. Congrats to him! And to celebrate his golf wins, his mother (don’t you just love proud moms!) “runs up and down the street like a crazy woman with wind chimes.” How delightful! (If you want to read more, check it out here.

And it is true. Chimes are so versatile. People think of wind chimes as simply hanging from a hook in the front yard. Yet, here are some unusual ways that customers have told me that they use and hang wind chimes:
- feng shui for the inside of home
- house blessing for new home
- memorial at the graveside of a relative or friend
- wind catcher in tractor-trailer
- calming force for mentally challenged family member
- harmonize with melodies of Mother Earth (no kidding – one customer is very into connecting with the Earth)
- AND NOW – victorious celebration of son’s PGA win!

I love to hear how customers use wind chimes! Even better, I’d love to hear how YOU use and/or hang your chimes. Send me stories and pictures – I’m busy creating a section on the site that features stories and pictures just like yours.

- Carolyn