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A summer rest

Carolyn | Sunday, July 31, 2011 in News, the company | Comments (0)

BuyChimes will be closed next week. No shipping. No phones. No nothing.

As many of our customers who are also business owners know, it can be difficult to manage vacations and time away from the business. The summer is a wonderful time to take a break – but for us, it’s also a busy wind chime season! In the past, BuyChimes has often closed down for shipping, but the phones and support services remained open. This year, despite a successful summer selling season (or is it because of it?!), BuyChimes is simply closing for week. (And then a few extra days to catch up on things!)

As Jeff put it so well… “If we’re so focused on sales for a single week that BuyChimes can’t REST, we’re missing the bigger picture, Carolyn. Sales are good. Life is good.” Well-said. Rest and time away is important. And we know that you agree!

We promise – we’ll be back before you know it! August 11. Until then, we do hope that you also have a chance to rest this summer season. And if you think of it – tell us what you did! We’d love to hear your favorite summer 2011 moments!

- Carolyn
BuyChimes, LLC

Free Gift Wrap! Free Shipping!

Carolyn | Sunday, July 24, 2011 in Chime info, Gift info, News | Comments (0)

And I wish we could give a Free Lunch too!

Earlier this summer we began offering Free Gift Wrap on any order. We knew some folks would appreciate this, but we have simply been astounded at the number of customers that are taking us up on this offer! We are, quite frankly, thrilled. And the best thing – we’re hearing back from recipients of these gifts – they are every bit as delighted as we are – both in the wind chime AND in the presentation of the gift.

You see, if we’re going to offer Gift Wrap to our customers, we’re going to take the time to do it right. We know that a gift reflects back on the giver, and as our customer, you deserve to have that reflection be appreciation and thankfulness (and hopefully, a bit of surprise and delight too!). We never want a recipient to get a box that’s been poorly wrapped or shipped. And so we make sure (and then check again) that there’s no pricing information with the gift, that the paper and card match the occasion for the gift, that the outer shipping box adequately protects the gift, and so on. And from customer feedback, it appears that we’re doing it right!

Not to worry – we’ll keep wrapping gifts for free for the rest of the summer. And remember, if you’re not quite sure which wind chime to select as a gift, just call! We’re happy to help you pick out just the right chime.

- Carolyn
BuyChimes, LLC

Who makes these wind chimes?!

Carolyn | Tuesday, July 12, 2011 in Chime info, News, the company | Comments (0)

Many customers email and call us because they think BuyChimes makes the wind chimes that we sell. We do not. We wish we could be that creative and imaginative and BIG, but we’re simply not. We only sell U.S. chimes online. We do, however, readily point customers to the manufacturer, which is QMT Windchimes. They ARE that creative and imaginative and BIG!

And, as you might tell, we’re quite partial to their chimes. They’ve had a commitment to keeping the company U.S.-based for years, which we love. And they’ve produced beautiful chimes in lovely colors and designs, while consistently keeping the high-quality workmanship for which they’ve been known. They’re located about 15 miles west of BuyChimes, in Manassas Park, Virginia.

Here’s an excerpt from the “About Us” section of their website…. “QMT Windchimes originated in the Florida craft show circuit in the early 80’s. Mike Throne camped in the back of his van and traveled to craft shows selling different products, including windchimes from a local producer. When his source for chimes dried up, Mike began to fabricate his own windchimes, with an eye toward continually improving his designs. Working during the week in a 10’ x 20’ warehouse, he produced the chimes that would be sold on the weekend. Mike was determined to offer the buying public a chime that was as beautiful to see as it was to hear. And it worked; the demand for his windchimes soon overwhelmed his ability to manufacture chimes so he took a deep breath and became a young entrepreneur following the American dream. He hired his first employees, found our facility in Manassas Park and set down roots in the community to produce windchimes for wholesale trade shows.”

With such a fantastic American success story, BuyChimes has been delighted to promote their chimes for the past ten years – and from the sheer volume of sales we experience year after year, our customers are clearly delighted as well. It’s a winning combination!

- Carolyn

Celebrate the U.S!

Carolyn | Friday, July 1, 2011 in Chime info, News | Comments (0)

These days are tumultuous for our country – too many folks looking for work, gas prices going up (thankfully, coming down a bit just in time for July 4th), political leaders dashing rhetoric here and there. I don’t know about you, but too often, I find myself jaded by it all. But there’s no room or time for my cynicism! Here’s why…..

Americans like me and you all over the country have tremendous pride and certainty in our nation. I know – I talk to them (you) every single day. Folks like Wanda just outside Richmond, VA who was happy to find a wind chime made in the U.S. and even happier to learn they are made here in her native VA! Or a customer in California who clarified that she only buys American products – if there was any question as to the country of origin, she needed to cancel the order. There are many, many other customers just like this.

Our customers’ fortitude in all that is right about the U.S. (despite the gloomy times) – and their choice to buy U.S. – this is why there’s no place for my cynicism. You all inspire me to keep doing what we do here at BuyChimes – sell only U.S. made wind chimes. It’s tough competition, let me tell you. There are PLENTY of chimes made outside the U.S. that could boost our company profit. But that’s not who we are.

So on this July 4, 2011:

Laugh deeply with friends and family.
Marvel at the fireworks.
Dive for candy at the parade (it IS for the kids, right?!).
And most of all, celebrate the U.S.!

I know I will be.
- Carolyn