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Gift wrapping is free (for a while)

Jeff | Saturday, September 25, 2010 in Gift info, News | Comments (0)

We love the idea of giving wind chimes as gifts. We already offer free shipping. What can we do to make giving a wind chime gift even more appealing? How about, for a limited time, offering free gift wrapping? That’s what we’ve done, as of today (normally $5.00). To get it, just select the check box when adding the chime to your cart:


Then, during checkout, be sure to add the gift message to the recipient. We will write that message by hand in a card, and enclose it with the gift-wrapped chime in a protective box for shipping.

Enjoy this while it lasts!


Fall: Get out and enjoy your garden!

Carolyn | Wednesday, September 22, 2010 in Chime info | Comments (0)

Now that the dog days of summer are behind us here in Virginia, these sunny and crisp days are just perfect for enjoying the outdoors. Recently, we enjoyed quite a cool breeze across the yard, and my CB306 enjoyed it too! Ringing into the evening hours, the wind chime was a gentle reminder that my favorite season is here—and a not-so-gentle reminder that I should get out and garden!

I tend to avoid the gardens and beds in August, simply leaving the plants to fend off insects, drought, etc., for themselves. But this time of year, my interest piques and I wander back. Last weekend, we found a new crop of banana peppers waiting to be discovered, and the deepening Autumn Joy sedum that certainly lives up to its name. What a delight to be beckoned back to the garden by a wind chime! Here are some pics of my garden…


Sedum (Autumn Joy)



What’s in your garden these days? Have a wind chime that’s encouraging you to return as well? I do hope so. If you have a story or pics to share, I’d love to hear from you!