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The vine and the chime

Carolyn | Monday, June 28, 2010 in Chime info | Comments (0)

Here’s what’s caught my eye in the front garden this spring…

clematix pix for blog2When the clematis started climbing, I decided to train it on a garden shepherd’s hook instead of the lamp post like every other year. I was curious to see how the vine would look with a lovely small chime close to it. It’s been delightful!

And this Bells of Vienna 29-inch wind chime (the 206 model) looks just right —the black is surrounded by green—a cool visual in the midst of a very hot season.  I only wish these muggy DC days hadn’t wilted the blooms so quickly (I missed my photo op!)


“Have you actually seen these chimes?”

Carolyn | Thursday, June 17, 2010 in Chime info, the company | Comments (0)

Yes, this is a real question from a customer just this past week. And it, amazingly, is a common one. I guess people think that either we are a large company with many employees that don’t really know the chimes or we have arranged for all orders to be drop-shipped from various points around the country to customers. Neither is true for BuyChimes!

We are a small, family-owned business. And we know these chimes well. We see them in various states (out of the box, hanging from hooks, ringing in strong winds, chiming in a little breeze) all the time. Often we hang chimes around just to ring them, test them, learn to know what makes each one unique. If you call us to wonder whether the Copper Vein color would match a brick house, we know the answer. If you email us with a concern about a warranty issue, we can put you in touch with the manufacturer. We do not rely on seasonal employees or drop-shippers to know the ins and outs of the chimes and to trust them to package the chimes to ensure a safe and speedy delivery.

This is us. Give us a call or email us your question—we’re here for you.


Here we are!

(By the way, that’s a Corinthian Bells 626 (the 53″ model) in Copper Vein behind my left shoulder. It hangs from the pergola above our brick patio. Right now the wisteria on the pergola is threatening to spiral down the tubes…I need to spend an afternoon in the garden soon!)

Free Beener (with a Father’s Day order)

Jeff | Wednesday, June 9, 2010 in Gift info, News | Comments (0)

Do dads get the short shrift on Father’s Day gifts when compared to mom and Mother’s Day gifts? Well, Mom usually IS the favorite so, yes, maybe they do a little. Who can compete with Mom? Dads are a little easier to buy for (aren’t they?). We’ve got a good solution for a Father’s Day gift.

When you order a wind chime for Father’s Day, BuyChimes will throw in a free BuyChimes carabiner. That’s right, in addition to enjoying the beautiful wind chime (and the fun project of picking the perfect spot to hang it and then getting to hang it), he’ll get a cool gadget to hang it with! What father wouldn’t love another gadget?  Just check the appropriate check box when you’re purchasing the chime.

Free Beener with Father's Day orders

No, it’s not breakfast in bed, but it should help put a smile on dad’s face.