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Do you sell wholesale?

Jeff | Monday, April 12, 2010 in the company, the site | Comments (0)

We get many emails from would-be chime retailers who are interested in selling wind chimes in their shop. For some reason, they think BuyChimes is the manufacturer of the wind chimes we sell. These questions (and our answers) go something like one of these:

I run a small [garden, gift] shop. We love your wind chimes! We would like to sell them. Do you sell wholesale?
To which we invariably reply, “Thank you! I’m sorry, we don’t sell wholesale. We are a retail shop. The manufacturer is…”

Do you sell wholesale?
I’m sorry. No, we don’t. We sell only at retail prices. The manufacturer would be happy to sell them to you at wholesale…

Could you sell us wind chimes so we can sell them in our shop?
That’s a good question. Unfortunately, we are a retail-only shop. You should contact the manufacturer. Here’s their information…

We love your chimes! Can we set up an account with you so we can sell them in our gift shop?
Why, thank you! We like them too! However, we are strictly a Web- and retail-only store. To buy them wholesale, contact…

We state this in fairly plain language on our About us page on the BuyChimes site. Perhaps they don’t read it. Or maybe we need to make it more prominent. Or they think we’d make an exception for them? I can understand if they get taken by our fetching photography and just want to sell them too. We love selling these chimes! So we understand that desire to sell such nice products.