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The choice is overwhelming?!

Jeff | Tuesday, February 2, 2010 in Chime info | Comments (0)

A friend of ours recently bought a chime from us. When queried about the site, he exclaimed that the choices were overwhelming. Wow! Sorry about that! As of this writing, we sell about 99 chime models. And figuring that they come in different colors, lengths, and musical scales, I can see how it would be a daunting task to pick one as a gift for someone.

Here’s an über short primer on the 10 lines of chimes we sell and their relative quality:

  • Top tier: Bells of Vienna, Corinthian Bells, Gentle Spirits
  • Middle tier: Majestic Spirits, Shenandoah Melodies, Arias Elite
  • Lower tier: Arias, Festival, Majesty Bells, Weatherland

It’s not that the lower tier chimes are bad, but they have a shorter warranty (if any) and the tubes are generally thinner and don’t have the central pin suspension, and the striker and cap are made of wood. They are still fine wind chimes, however, giving good sounds, and lasting for years.

The middle tier chimes have a bit higher quality because of their thicker (but fewer) tubes, and most have a 3-year warranty. Arias Elite chimes are a close cousin to the Arias chimes (lower tier). But they belong in the middle tier because they have six thicker-walled tubes and come in great colors. The striker and cap are made of wood.

The top tier chime lines are the best on our site.  They have all-metal tubes, wind sail and top cap.  They have central pin suspension in the tubes and a high-density, top-quality plastic striker.  It’s that combination of the striker with the thick-walled tubes that gives that fantastic, resonant melody that customers love.

More detail regarding each line is on the BuyChimes website. For example, click the Corinthian Bells link, and you will see the full description of the features above the individual model pictures.

Of course, if you have any questions about the chimes we offer, feel free to contact us.