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Early Bird Gets the Worm

Carolyn | Thursday, October 22, 2009 in News | Comments (0)

These crisp, fall days are simply perfect here in Northern Virginia. The sugar maples are at their peak this week and there’s usually a light breeze to ring chimes – what could be better?! (Now if that light breeze would just send all the leaves down at once…)

Now that the days are turning cooler, we also heard from a number of customers about a Christmas sale, and indeed, we’re on the cusp of announcing an “Early Bird” Christmas Sale. In this case, the bird gets the chime, not the worm!

Be sure to check back soon for discounts on the unique gift of wind chimes. And please, if you need a recommendation on a chime, call me! I’m always happy to offer a suggestion, depending on your budget and gift recipient.