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Hello chime world!

Carolyn | Thursday, July 30, 2009 in News | Comments (0)

Welcome to the BuyChimes blog. We hear many great questions and stories about our wind chimes all the time! So here’s our blog to hopefully answer questions and tell a few stories of our own.
A popular question–what chime should I buy that will sound good with the one I already have?

I usually recommend that folks think about how close or far apart you plan to hang the chimes. If they are not close together, then by all means, any chime will simply add to the melodious sounds that are filling your garden. If they will be close together, perhaps a higher or lower pitched chime in the same key will sound the best. The Corinthian Bells chimes have three sizes in the key of C, for example – the 106, the 476 and the 446. Or the key of A can be found in both the 206 and the popular 516.

But if you are a person that simply loves the resonance of particular chime lines, buy whatever you want! You can’t go wrong with the Corinthian Bells, Bells of Vienna and Gentle Spirits lines.